Maghrebi Mornings R75

Tunisian-style shakshuka (tomato and roasted pepper paste) baked eggs with Algerian-style merguez lamb sausage
Vegan aquafaba chickpea and shakshuka omelette (vegan)

Bosveld BreakfastR65

Afrikaans-style South African vetkoek fritter filled with boerewors mince and chakalaka relish

Stone Town Sunrise R65

Zanzibari-style vitumbua rice flour crumpets with date and ginger compote (vegetarian)

Sassandra Indulgence R75

Ivorian-style plantain and chocolate filled vol au vent (vegetarian)

Cape Creole R65

Huguenot-style croissant filled with San-style imifino wild leaves and Dutch Hollandaise sauce (vegetarian)
Extra Bacon (R25)

Mombasa Breakfast R45

Kenyan-style raisin, cinnamon, cardamom and bulgur wheat porridge (vegetarian)

AM Umphokoqo R40

Xhosa-style South African crumbly phutu pap porridge with a side of amasi fermented milk (vegetarian)

First Light Limpopo R40

Baobab and mango South African smoothie (vegetarian)

Grandma’s Gift R50

Cinnamon sugar crusted French toast (made with traditional Afrikaner-style South African ouma brood) with whipped cream and apricot compote (vegetarian)

Comfort and Contemplation R45

Croissant OR pain-au-chocolat OR toast served with butter and preserves (vegetarian)

Santé d’ Afrique R55

Seasonal fruit with muesli and goat’s milk yoghurt (vegetarian)

Tuna & Salmon tartare Taboulé R125

Avocado stuffed with a couscous salad complimented by a Tuna and Salmon tartare


Bar Food

Yassa Wings R85

Senegalese-style lemon marinated grilled chicken wings

Taxi to Thohoyandou R65R45

Venda-style South African magwinya fritters with smoked chicken and peanut stuffing
Venda-style South African magwinya fritters with spinach and peanut stuffing (vegetarian)

Assigni Eats R95

Ivorian-style crab and plantain croquettes with tomato relish

Continental Crunch R30

Cassava, plantain and other roots crisps (vegan)

Ntaba Magic R125

DRC-style goat sliders with cassava flour bread

Rolex R85R65

Ugandan-style miniature chapatti wrap filled with beef curry
Ugandan-style miniature chapatti wrap filled with vegetable curry (vegan)

Taste of Tangier R115

Moroccan-style duck samosa with dry fruit chutney

The Triple D (Dombolo, Dairy and Dried meat) R135

Selection of South African cheeses with toasted dombolo dumpling breads, dried sausage sticks and fruit preserve

Lamb Suya R125

Lamb rump char-grilled in Nigerian suya spices with continental crisps


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Leisurely Lagos R145

Octopus char-grilled in Nigerian suya spices with continental crisps

Moelas com GindungoR85

Angolan-style confit chicken gizzards with chili relish

Ndagala Tanganika R125

Deep fried whitebait with red palm emulsion

Assigni Eats R95

Ivorian-style crab and plantain croquettes with tomato relish

Wonderful Wats R115R85

Ethiopian-style, berbere-spiced doro wat chicken stew with injera pancakesg
Ethiopian-style, Atakilt cabbage wat stew with injera pancakes (vegetarian)

Yassa Yum Yum R125

Senegalese-style lemon marinated grilled red snapper with a Yam puré

Rolex R85R65

Ugandan-style miniature chapatti wrap filled with beef curry
Ugandan-style miniature chapatti wrap filled with vegetable curry (vegan)

Taste of Tangier R115

Bulgur wheat salad with goat milk’s cheese and roasted root vegetables ( Vegeterian)

Bisamunyu R75

Green banana croquettes served with a green pea purée (Vegan)



Perfect Pepe R235

West African-style goat meat in pepe-spiced broth on a bed of Plantain mash

Flic en Flac Magic R215

Vadouvan-spiced sea bass with black rice and tamarind

Dukkah Delight R225

Egyptian dukha-spiced rib eye beef steak with bulgur wheat and roasted aubergine baba ganoush

Exquisitely Oudtshoorn R215

South African-style grilled ostrich fillet with butternut mash and Pinotage jus

Hunter’s Reward R235

South African-style grilled venison loin with biltong butter and sweet potato wedges

Tajine Cuisine R215R145

North African-style lamb
duck with herbed couscous
Seasonal vegetable in a North African style stew

Deconstructed Tieboudienne R235

Senegalese-inspired tuna loin on rice complimented by an okra and tamarind sauce

Magnificent Moambe R195

Congolese-style Guinea fowl with palm nut sauce and cassava leaves

Going up Nile R215

Grilled Nile perch on a Tomato and Courgette tian with cumin infused oil

Cape Supreme R185

Stuffed Chicken supreme on a Cape Malay rice

Lamb Burger R145R35

Charcoal grilled Lamb mince with Harissa flavoured Humus served in a sourdough bread with crisps

Bowl of seasonal vegetables sauteed with Orange and Lemon infused Olive Oil



Zanzi Tambi R60

Zanzibar-style vermicelli with rum and raisin ice cream

Blissful Mikate R65

DRC-style sweet fritters with peanut butter ice cream

Chocolate Pili-Pili Perfection R65

Chocolate, ginger and chilli mousse

Coconut Comfort R50

Tanzanian-style rice pudding cooked in coconut milk

Deliciously Atayah R75

Kaakiri couscous pudding with Ataya tea ice cream

Aloko & Bissap R75

Caramelized ripe plantain banana served with Hibiscus (Bissap) ice cream


Cocktail Menu

Epic R90

Epically Curated with Bacardi 8, Tropical Pineapple, Smoked paprika and toasted sesame
(Served up, Spiced, Balanced, Smokey)

Cuba to Jozi R95

Bacardi 8, with a South American twist of Chilli, Coconut and a touch of South African Vermouth
(Short, Spicy, Dry, Berries)

Kahawa R85

Bacardi 8 married with Coffee, Coconut & Muscadel
(Short, Bitter-sweet, tropical)

Ndar (Saint-Louis) R90

Bacardi 8 comes to Africa with fresh cucumber, Ditakh, Citrus & Soda water
(Tall, Fresh, African)

Waragi R80

Tequila, Citrus, Blackberry & Dry Vermouth
(Served up, spirit forward, complexity, balance)

Dawa R90

Dewers 12, African Buchu, a touch of Cherry and Cayenne
(Short, Spiced, Sweet, African)

Bassam R80

Bombay Sapphire served tall with apples, mint and raspberry sherbet!
(Tall, Fresh, Herbals, Berries)

Sabroso R80

Bombay Sapphire, Tomato Jam, Citrus & Organum
(Savoury, sweet, short, herbal)